Our Story

Our Story

Who We Are

TINte Cosmetics started with a kiss, a kiss that led to love, a love so special that it inspired a brand of cosmetics based on simpler times and sweet memories.

TINte Cosmetics was created from a feeling, a feeling of a simpler time, a time we all cherished, a memory of pure innocence, the essence of youth and freedom. The Creator of TINte Cosmetics is a modern day woman who remembers her first encounter with a lip gloss, a lip gloss with the color, aroma and flavor that launched her and a generation down the road to femininity.

We want you to recapture that time of innocence, enjoy our tastes, colors and flavors, enjoy that moment that brings you back to the memory of your very first kiss and the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the next flavor to arrive.

This is the feeling that inspired the idea behind TINte Cosmetics. What will TINte Cosmetics mean to you?

Our Vision

Our goal is to inspire this feeling in you by creating products that are fun and flirtatious, encouraging you to feel beautiful, confident and be the best version of yourself.

About the Creator

Meet Stacy, TINte's Creator
Meet the Creator
Our Story

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